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Most people who face criminal charges are not career criminals. Most people do not hire an attorney until they have a legal problem. If you are like most people, you want an experienced attorney who can not only help you solve your legal problem, but also someone who will explain the process to you and take away some of the fear.

My name is Gregory Byrd, and I am an attorney who represents local Cumberland County residents as well as military personnel stationed at Fort Bragg. Many criminal offenses require a mandatory court appearance; however, it is usually possible to waive your appearance through an attorney such as myself, by using the waiver of appearance form.

Most of my clients call me for representation related to a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge such as DWI, speeding ticket or drug charges. As a trial lawyer, I also have experience with courtroom litigation on behalf of defendants.

Are you facing a criminal charge in North Carolina’s Cumberland County? If so, give me a call and we’ll give them the Byrd!

Sole Proprietor Means Special Attention

As the only lawyer in my law firm, I offer my clients personal one-on-one attention. When you hire me as your lawyer, you can count on me to personally stand by you all the way to the courtroom — if that’s where we need to go.

I take pride in not only being an experienced attorney, but also an attorney who is responsive and attentive. I understand that going to court can be a frightening thought.

There is no question that you should be afraid to ask me.

Serving the Military at Fort Bragg

I quite frequently represent military personnel who are stationed, or who were stationed, at Fort Bragg. If you need criminal defense for a traffic violation or DWI/DUI, please take those charges seriously. I am in traffic court nearly every day and can represent you even if you are currently out of state.

Please note: A DWI conviction in North Carolina can affect your driving privileges and your insurance rates in your home state.

I offer discounts to active members of the military, so call my toll-free number at 800-793-1962 or send me an e-mail to discuss your legal needs.

Byrd Is the Word for Your Legal Needs — Call 800-793-1962

For most people who are facing a legal problem that has disrupted their lives, they just want it all to go away. They want to leave those legal troubles behind. That’s what I want too. Call my Fayetteville law office, or contact me online, and we’ll get started on your legal issues.