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Criminal Defense

Whether you are facing a traffic violation or a serious drug charge, criminal charges have the potential to derail your life. No matter what you’ve been charged with, you need a skilled and capable criminal defense attorney who knows how to work in the criminal justice system and fight for your rights and your future.

Criminal Defense On Your Side, Protecting Your Rights And Your Future

I am Gregory M. Byrd, Attorney at Law, and I dedicate my legal experience and skills to providing criminal defense to individuals facing charges. I zealously advocate to ensure that each client is provided the very best possible outcome in his or her case, whether negotiating with prosecutors or fighting in court.

If you have been charged with a crime, email my Fayetteville, North Carolina, law offices today or call 910-678-0966 for an initial consultation.

I handle all types of criminal charges, including:

Your driver’s license could be suspended or revoked for a range of reasons, from traffic violations to a DWI charge. This can be costly to reinstate on your own, digging you into a deeper financial hole. It is important that you have an attorney who understands how to get results and expedite the process.

My firm also represents servicemen and members of the military in civilian criminal matters. I understand the impact these charges can have on your personal life and on your career. I provide the solutions that you need.