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Fayetteville, NC, Traffic Violations Attorney

A traffic violation can be more than a momentary lack of judgment or inattention. It can also be an action that results in a driver’s license suspension. If you are out of state with an unpaid traffic violation ticket, it can also mean a bench warrant that is issued in your home state.

If you have outstanding traffic violations and unpaid tickets are giving you nightmares, let’s give them the Byrd!

My name is Gregory Byrd, and I am a trial lawyer and criminal defense attorney located in Fayetteville. I represent local residents, military personnel and out-of-state clients charged with traffic violations. You don’t have to be in North Carolina for me to represent you at a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearing. As your lawyer, I can represent you without your presence at the hearing. All you need is the Internet and access to a fax machine.

Traffic Violation Defense In Cumberland County And Hoke County

Don’t pay your ticket without calling me first. A moving violation or other traffic ticket can cause an increase in your auto insurance of two to three times the amount. The types of common traffic violations that people are charged with include:

North Carolina DMV Linked To Other States

Since 9/11, law enforcement at the state level has been working to coordinate their state criminal database. More DMVs are obtaining face recognition software to link states to one another in an effort to crack down on criminal activity at all levels.

Failure to appear in court for a speeding ticket in Cumberland County can show up on your home state’s database. As your criminal defense lawyer, I can represent you in court so that these traffic violations and unpaid tickets do not cause additional problems for you in the future.

Byrd Is The Word For Traffic Violation Defense — Call 910-678-0966

If you have an unpaid traffic violation or current violations, you most likely want to put the matter behind you and protect your right to drive. That’s what I want too. Call my Fayetteville law office, or contact me online, and we’ll get started on your legal defense.