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Helping Protect Driving Privileges

We are a country of drivers. We drive to work, drive for a living, drive our kids to school and even drive to the gym to exercise. When you have a driver’s license suspension, it becomes immediately obvious how much you depend on being able to drive. You may even lose your job if you can’t drive.

My job is to help you get your driver’s license back. My name is Gregory Byrd, and I’m a criminal defense lawyer. You can count on me for knowledgeable and aggressive representation at a driver’s license revocation hearing and representation in all dealings with the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

You don’t have to be in North Carolina for me to represent you at a DMV hearing. As your lawyer, I can represent you without your presence at the hearing. All you need is the Internet and access to a fax machine.

Don’t Pay The Ticket Before Talking To Me

Often an individual will just plead guilty and pay a ticket, without fully understanding the consequences. A guilty plea can increase your driving points. Some individuals have found that their insurance more than doubled by gaining just three points.

If you accumulate 12 more points within a three-year period, the DMV can revoke your driving privileges. You can also have a DMV license suspension for the following reasons:

  • Unlawful or fraudulent use of a license or learner’s permit
  • Committed an offense in another state, which could cause a license suspension in that state
  • Convicted of illegal transportation of alcoholic beverages
  • Violated a military regulation while on a military installation (similar to driving while impaired)
  • Convicted of a first offense for excessive speeding or reckless driving

Byrd Is The Word For DMV License Suspension Defense — Call 910-678-0966

If you have a DMV license suspension for a DWI, you are probably anxious to get your license reinstated. As your attorney, that is what I have experience accomplishing. Call my Fayetteville law office, or contact me online, and we’ll get started on your legal defense.