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For many people charged with a misdemeanor, it is their first offense. Perhaps you are one of those people who has never had any negative contact with law enforcement other than a speeding ticket. If you are charged with a misdemeanor, I can handle your criminal defense and walk you through the criminal justice process.

My job is to help you resolve your criminal charges with a result you find acceptable. My name is Gregory Byrd, and I’m a criminal defense attorney. You can count on me for knowledgeable and aggressive representation for your misdemeanor charge. I am a lawyer representing North Carolina residents as well as Fort Bragg military personnel.

Types Of Common Misdemeanor Crimes In Cumberland County

Although it is not as serious as a felony, a misdemeanor on your record can still damage employment opportunities and your ability to rent an apartment. A conviction may also result in jail time and significant financial penalties. The common types of misdemeanor crimes for which I provide legal representation include:

  • Assaults and threats — A physical or verbal confrontation between friends or strangers
  • Theft or larceny — Taking something that doesn’t belong to you such as shoplifting, not paying for a meal at a restaurant, filling up at the gas pump and driving away
  • Receiving or possession of stolen goods — A misdemeanor charge even if you did not know the goods were stolen
  • Disorderly conduct — Includes public drunkenness or behaving in a way that is disruptive to others
  • Trespass, injury to property, littering — A misdemeanor charge that includes being in someone’s yard without permission, hunting or fishing on private property or crossing someone’s property as a shortcut
  • Fraud — Includes many actions, including knowingly writing a bad check, using a stolen credit card and using a false ID to drink alcohol in a bar when underage
  • Breaking and entering — Using force to enter a car house business without permission, breaking in to a home or business with the intent to commit a crime such as theft, prostitution, drug use or other illegal activity
  • Weapons offenses — Going armed to the terror of the public, carrying concealed weapons, possession of a stolen weapon or possession of a weapon on school grounds

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If you are charged with a misdemeanor crime, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you gain an acquittal, get charges dropped and suffer minimum consequences. As your attorney, that is what I will seek to do. Call my Fayetteville law office, or contact me online, and we’ll get started on your legal defense.